Welcome to the page dedicated to Love Deaf fans!
:D I'm very honored that a few of you have deemed this comic worthy of fanworks.
So I've started a page to host the wonderful things that you guys submit!

Submitted by: xoStrawberry

July 24, 2011

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Submitted by: bluswordgrl

July 6, 2011

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Submitted by: Guest (Unnamed)

May 27, 2011


"I'm here to find my true love!

Man or woman, it doesn't matter!"

I said as I intruded on him.


I made him keep me

Hidden from the world

Until I could find love

And someday return

To the music I perform,

Without knowing...

He was just a student

Afraid of me and my

Influence on the world

And let me stay there

To save his own skin, not mine,

Without knowing...


In a dream,

He was crying.

I KISSED him...


When I see him,

I want him.

When I'm alone,

I miss him.

When I'm asleep,

I love him.

Or maybe...

I stayed there

Too long, because,

Without knowing...

I fell in love.


Can I kiss him with love someday?

All of those other kisses were false.

I might just scare him even more...


Submitted by Ookami100

How did we move so fast,

But not move a single inch?

How did we end up here?

Too soon,

Too late?

Why is that smile fading from your lips?

What is that look in your eyes?

Why aren't you turning around

As you say



I know I hurt you.

I took a step too far.

But all I tried to do was protect you.

Maybe it was something you didn't need.

And I know I don't deserve

someone like you.

But even a guy like me

Deserves a second chance.-

You're all I see

As I wait up.

You're touch is

Nothing but a memory.

The first meeting replays

In my head.

Maybe I fell in love

With you then


Where did it all go wrong?

When did it all fall apart?

Was it before

Or after

That first fight?

Why couldn't you

Look me in the eyes

As you left all this behind?

Why as it his hand

You held, and not mine?